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Every Website every page is now SEO Ready. From Meta tags and Head Tags to Canonical Url’s can now be optimized.


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Websites are safer than ever. From SQL Injection and cross-site scripting to Honey potting bot attacks.


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You lose audiences proportional to the time it takes your website to load.
We’ve got you covered with quick and responsive designs.


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User Experience is the single most important thing for any websites. We have a collaborative process to design an ideal experience for your website visitor.


Reporting & Analytics

Without Reporting and analytics your website is like a supercar without wheels. We make sure you have the best wheels which leave your competition behind.


We are consistently creating classy websites, bringing innovative ideas online to life, and exciting our clients more than ever. With our dedicated team of innovators, we care for a brand and have meticulous passion for visuals. This helps us craft experiences for your target audiences and help you generate more leads via your website.

Our work simply does right by our claim where we make your digital presence felt to your target market. Efficient Development, Aesthetic Designing and strategic placement of elements throughout the website brings to life a user experience which enriches your brand value.

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Case Studies

Among hundreds, here’s a few



Lifecare Global is a Medical Tourism company located in India with targeted audience in several African Countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania etc. The idea being patients can connect with their doctors, hospitals, admin and agents for their hospitality tourism needs.

A multi-interface internal communication system developed for efficient and hassle free communications among the 5 type of users. Admin, patients, Doctors, Hospitals Agents. This made sure that from Diagnosis, to hospitality arrangements are all taken care of among many other day to day queries associated with the actual medical treatment.

Global Reach


World Flair is a French portal which allows the clubs from the French Rugby League to buy kits, bibs and training material from their league manufacturers. The separate teams are divided on the basis of their league table positions and are given separate euro allocation to spend.

These orders are gathered and then sent across to their manufacturers across the globe in China, India, Us, Morocco etc. The orders are divided up on product basis and cumulated on a weekly basis before an automated purchase order is generated. This is sent to the manufacturer who further has the orders divided and ships them back across to the respective clubs.



CJ needed a custom website and an app for online ordering. We moved on to create a flow which would have all their innovative concepts like Cj Spot On, E-dining among the usual industry standards like Home delivery, Take away and Banquet Booking.

CJ SPOT ON website and mobile app integrates a flux of features knitted with an inspired UX which has helped them increase their revenue by 40% after the new launch. With regular social media promotions and management, handled by DigiHost. We’ve been working with CJ to build their brand as one of the premier entries in Navi Mumbai.

Real Time Reporting

Assessment Portal

Assessment Portal is a portal specifically made for people working on self transformation and looking to improve their personal and professional life. The portal allows users to take several tests related to mindfulness, EQ, communication, conflict resolution and much more.

The portal also allows companies to buy these tests in bulk in order to test their teams and help them bond. The portal helps people to self analyse with innovative and interactive real time reporting of all the tests. This helps people globally to try and better themselves and improve their overall personality.


Our work speaks for itself! However here’s who we’ve worked with.


Working with Digihost is working with a team filled with Passion to make your ideas into a structure and compassionate to understand your needs with Care. Would recommend to many people for being great in Quality & Delivery.

Dr Paras, Life Leadership Coach

My startup found a seamless transition from paper to a website, all thanks to the concerted efforts by the entire team at DIgiHost. Wishing the entire team at DigiHost Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. more power and great success.

Prerna Dharap, Founder, Invoke Inspire

Working with Digihost is working with a team filled with Passion to make your ideas into a structure and compassionate to understand your needs with Care. Would recommend to many people for being great in Quality & Delivery.

Meetu Bhasin, Makreo Research & consulting

I am very thankful to DigiHost as they have taken over all my website and digital marketing work leaving me tension free and delighted, helping me profesionally to a great extent.

Zishan Mirza, Public Speaker

We think you guys are the real deal, passionate about your product and you support it so well after the sale is made. We are a very happy customer.

Alin Arvindakrishnan, Gatik Consultancy

First, I would like to thank Alkesh and the team for everything they have done and they are doing for Lesley Productions, The School Planet and STOLZ magazine. It warms our heart to see this response from the parents. Thank you all for your effort despite the current situation.

Shirley Pinto, Director, STOLZ Magazine

I'm proud and satisfied of my choice of DigiHost. They have been a constant with helping me developing the website and managing my SEO and social media. I have and would recommend the DigiHost team to anyone serious about their online presence looking to get ahead of their competition.

Dr. Gaikwad, The Cosmetic Clinic

Call DigiHost Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. when you need experienced professionals you can trust to provide high quality website & SEO work, on time, at competitive prices. They will listen carefully to your needs and provide excellent options that do the job without excess frills. Communicates well. Provides quick responses. Easy to work with.

Syed Rizvi, Senior Living Advisor

We're very impressed with the website functioning and kudos to your team and you.

Shiv Gindodia, Naveshahar


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