The best marketing practice

web-development-company-in-navo-mumbaiIt’s a big question. What could be the best marketing strategy for a business ? Today, competition is very tough. In such competitive market it’s very difficult to decide the best marketing strategy. There are number of marketers and they all are using their own method, their own strategy, their own plan. But who is the best ?

Even I got confused with regards to this. There are various strategies which are being used by marketers. So, what exactly works for a new firm with limited funds ? Actually, big players are also there so they may have their different opinion but I believe that there is no specific method for marketing.

Marketing is not science. It means there is no such rule that if you perform particular task you will get the same results. It means you do not need to learn and apply any formula here, you only need to use and apply your brain. Marketing starts with your thinking as you make others to think what you want them to think.

Marketing is quite similar to a movie. As a marketer is a director, then he also get a content writer, who you can compare with the script writer, there is financier, there is a complete team and then there is audience who are unaware of our movie and our characters. So, here a marketer needs to visualize first that what he or she wants to make audience realize. Then the audience can understand about our product or service and accordingly may decide to go on with our product or service.

Finally, the best marketing practice is the one which works. You need to try different methods number of times and the one you feel which works the best is the best marketing practice. Your best marketing method could be worst for another marketer and yours worst method may work as the best marketing practice for some other marketer.

So, just concentrate on the quality of your service or product and then focus on what works best. Keep experimenting with new ideas. And, the best marketing practice is one which brings best results. So, focus on that.


  • Marketer needs to use his or her brain rather than asking others.
  • There is no specific rule for marketing. You need to create your own.
  • The best marketing practice is the one which actually works. Find out that.
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Different elements of digital / online marketing

digital-marketing-agency-in-navi-mumbai In last few days I met many people asking for online business development tools. Few of them already have a website, they just wanted to know if there is something online which can just boost their sales. So, first of all, its important to understand that digital market growth is very slow. You can’t boost your sales over nights. But, it’s also true that it’s permanent. It takes lot of efforts for you to reach up to that position, once reached it doesn’t remain the problem. There is no such tool to boost sales or to get more visitors. Actually it’s a process. Process is like this, first you need a website or a virtual office where visitors can come to contact you, then the next step in this process is you need more visitors, if there will be more visitors then you will get more leads and if there are more visitors so finally there will be more conversions turning into more sales and more profit. So, once you have got a website, below are the various methods of digital marketing which you can go for:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a process of making your web pages or your website search engine friendly. Like when you start a business, you tell about it to your friends, you publish few ads in magazines etc., you get referrals and so on. In the same way we make others aware about your virtual office in the digital market. It includes various tasks which help in rank up your website in search results. This helps you in getting more traffic to your website.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM):

SMM is another platform to interact with the audience. Examples of SMM are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and lot more. This is a place where a large number of audience is available. Its very easy to interact with them here. From here a business may drive a large traffic to its website. It also helps in building customer loyalty.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Millions of websites are there on internet. And, its not easy to get your website in the top search results. It takes efforts in getting your website in top 300 positions. So, here SEM is something which makes it easy for your website to bring at the top position. Its paid adverting but as for a new business, its effective to get more visitors to your website.

  • Reputation Management:

Online Reputation Management itself is a process which includes many different things to build your positive reputation digitally. Its simply a process where we work on creating a positive relation of your business with the people around.

  • Blog:

Every time people do not look for something to purchase online. Many times they even want to get some information. So, blogging is a great way to spread information to the world and to connect with the people. You can also post news and updates about your company or your business in your blog.

  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a wonderful method of spreading news, update, a new discount or offer to the mass audience in just one click. You don’t need to put much efforts here. You will only need to put efforts to create a mailing list. But, you don’t need to wait for 100 or 1,000 or 10,000+ subscribers in order to start email marketing. You can even start it with 10 subscribers, it keeps on increasing.

  • Video Marketing:

You must be aware about YouTube. I believe I don’t need to introduce what YouTube is but still YouTube is the world’s 3 most visiting website after Google and Facebook. Basically, YouTube is a video sharing platform. Through video marketing you can connect to a large number of audience. And, here there are highly chances for you to go viral.

  • Branding:

Branding includes almost everything. Branding means turning your business into a brand through the use of various digital marketing tools. Today people run behind brand, so even you may want to develop your brand.


  • Success of your business over internet is slow but it’s permanent.
  • Here, first you need to build trust, then you generate revenue.
  • There are various methods available for growing your business digitally.
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Not Just Website…. Create a Business Website

Now a days, it has become a trend for all the businesses to have a website. Actually, there is no such rule that it is mandatory to have a website for a business but it does play a vital role in modern marketing. To know how website is important in modern marketing, Click Here.

Now, we start with the objectives of creating a website. There are two kind of people and both have their different view regarding website. One kind of people feel to have a website is important because there remains a space in visiting card. They can utilize that space by printing their website. Also, everywhere they are asked for a website. So, they just get it done. They feel it’s another method to show off. Just like a newspaper, whether you read it or not but it comes in your office. The same way they create a website. Visitors come or not, they get leads or not, nothing matters. The only thing what matters is it’s the trend so they need a website. And, most of Indian businessmen have that mindset.

Now let’s talk about the rest of the businessmen with another kind of mindset. They feel website helps in generating business. But, what to do for that, they are not aware of. They approach to a web designer asking to create a business website for them.

But in the general sense a business website means ‘a website of a business or a company containing information about that business or the company which includes information about the business, the products or the services information, contact details and address etc., no personal information.’ That’s all.

But, in reality a business website means a website which can help you in generating business. If it doesn’t, there is no use of having a website. A website is like your virtual workplace or virtual office. (Read about Virtual Office) And, it doesn’t make any sense that you invest in an office where nobody comes.

So, always take this decision to create your website wisely. Don’t just look for a website developer, approach to a business developer like DigiHost Web Services. Business Developer helps you in showing different methods of online marketing. Don’t just think about creating a website, create a business website.


  •  Websites are important if you want to compete with the modern marketers.
  • Don’t take it as a trend, Websites are another major tool of marketing.
  • Always create a business website for your business, not with the objective to print it on your visiting card.
  • It’s not a newspaper, it’s a powerful marketing tool. Take its benefits.
  • Business website means a website which generates business for you, not one which have all premium website features.
  • Even the most expensive office is useless, if visitors don’t come there.
  • Last but not the least, approach to an online business developer like DigiHost Web Services instead of just a website developer.
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Importance of websites in modern marketing


It’s shocking when I see still there are so many businesses which do not have a website. Though there are so many reasons for why you need to have a website. I don’t know what the reason they find for not creating the website.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”                                                                                                                                                         Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

  • Its inexpensive:

Lots of people feel that website is an expensive stuff. Its only required by the big companies or businesses. Small or local businesses don’t need a website. But, its required for the marketing purpose and that too its not so expensive that a small or local business can’t afford it. Today, you may even get a website for a small business for Rs. 1,999/- INR only.

  • Its available Round the clock:

Another importance of having a website is that it’s available round the clock. There is no specific timing for a website that it opens only for these many hours. It’s open 24x7x365. Whenever a person wants can visit your website and can take whatever information he wants.

  • 80% of people search for local businesses online:

When 80% of people look for local businesses online, it means if you don’t have a website you are in the 20% segment, which means chances for you to get customers is from that segment only. It means you are loosing 80% potential customers. Why you people want to be in that segment ?

  • It develops brand & trust:

Your website helps in developing your brand. It brings professionalism. It creates trust in the mind of the people. Your testimonials or case studies on your website definitely helps them in understanding you and your business.

  • Up-to-date with the latest information:

Your customers are updated with the latest news and information. Every time they don’t need to ask you about if anything new is there. They simply need to log on to your website and they can catch all  the latest information there.

  • Global Connect:

Another benefit of having a website is this that it connects you to the world. Once you have a website, you are no more local. Even you can proudly say that you are running an international business. You get a wide market. You can sell your products or services wherever you want.

  • Convenient:

People will prefer sitting at home and checking for various products in various digital shops rather than going out, checking out into various shops in the market. Even I prefer the same.

  • Customer Support:

Its another advantage for businesses of having a website. They can provide FAQs, Question and answer forum, an online query form, live chat, email etc. These are various things which make it easy for people in case when they need your support.

  • Targeted Marketing:

Digital market gives us an option of targeted marketing. This is where we can reach out to our targeted audience. And, marketing over internet is quite inexpensive as compared to other medias. Here, you can start even with a very small budget.


  • Its very important for businesses to have a website.
  • Its not expensive, it’s in your budget.
  • Most of the people search online for local businesses and we also need to be there.
  • It’s a good idea of targeted marketing.
  • Websites do generate business.
You might be interested in knowing how you can grow your business digitally. Click here, for FREE Online Business Development Consultation. If you still don't have a website, get one today. Know More !
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